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Join us as our business partner, delivering smart and targeted advertising with online banners & Ads at the Delta Media Platform


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Bring your clients brand to a targeted audience of millions

Always, everywhere and via any device
Do you want to increase your clients name recognition? Or more visitors to your clients website, webshop or to your clients store? Delta Media offers you the right solution: targeted advertising with online banners on the Delta Media Platform. Does you clients have special wishes? Then we would like to think along with you about a client tailor-made solution.

  • Bring your clients firm & brand to 2,200,000 unique visitors per month with an interest and purchase intent.
  • Extensive choice of standard banner formats and rich media.
  • Smart targeting options to reach a niche target group.
  • Inquire about advertising space directly at Delta Media.
  • Banner options on responsive web and in Apps.

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1. Direct purchase of banners on web and in App

With online banners, also known as display advertising, you seduce your customers on their platform in their buying process with your product or service. Especially at the moment where orientation turns into actual purchase, Delta Media is more open to alternative solutions and messages. With smart targeting you reach a relevant target group on responsive web and in App (smartphone and tablet).



Strengthens your clients message with a customized branded content solution

Delta Media Online Business likes to think with you on how to successfully integrate your clients branded content on our online platform. We put your clients message completely in the flow of the platform, within a relevant context for our visitors. This makes their message more appreciated and credible. In addition, you add value in the buying process of our visitors.

Banner purchase for SMEs

Would you like to place online banners on the Delta Media Platform, but you have a limited budget? Delta Media offers many opportunities to serve smaller (potential) advertisers.

More options with your media budget

Promote and sell products

  • With Admarkt, your ad is above regular information advertisements
  • Generate extra traffic to your (web) store


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