The Delta Media Online Platform

Here we inform you about the Delta Media Online Platform, discovering different promotion actions and rewards and how the Delta Media business partner concept works.

We uncover some of the media strategies in which our global marketing vision promote the platform, and how our unique Delta Media business partner networks fit into the future business industry; and inform you at many designed tools of the platform marketing project and a look at how it all fits together.

If you recommend a webshop link to a friend, and that friend visits the site because of your recommendation, the webshop’s revenue will have increased because of your referral. This is ‘word of mouth’ marketing. But you, as the referrer, do not see any of the cash benefit that the webshop does.

Imagine that the webshop gave you a commission of the bill for every person you referred. They would be paying you a finder’s fee for new customers.

So, there are a number of businesses that market in this way offline. Online, they are very easy to track.



The basic priority

The basic priority of the Delta Media business partner is to promote, realize and achieve targeted traffic (that means customers who are very likely to perform the desired action) to their own National Delta Media Platform & website. Delta Media business partners may promote as many information in as many online environments with as many tactics as they want.

Most of the tactics will be the same as those that Delta Media. employs, but will reach a different part of the Internet population.

Effective tracking takes care of any overlap, and will help business partners to adjust their spending for the most effective ROI.


The main types of afctivities can be broken up as:

National Delta media platform & website

Delta Media marketing came to the fore as a way for personal websites to make publicity and promotion, although this now forms a small part of the Delta Media marketing mix.

Delta Media content and information items

The Delta Media main site is created specifically around the Delta Media activities, and any post or item promoted will carry marketing tracking.

For example, Delta Media may create a post dedicated to a new online Delta Media activity, with info, pics & videos to help the apartners get the most out of their promotion activity.

It could review a number of different content, and info links to promote or get tickets online.

All of those links will be marketing links. Our corporate info items can be created specifically for performance, lauches and many more.



Email lists

In the future many business partners will have large client email lists, and they can market offers through their corporate email newsletters. But no business partner use spam email to promote the Delta media Platform or service, but as our marketing is matured, we have guidelines, terms and conditions to prevent this at reputable online platforms.

Loyalty sites

As business partners earns a percentage of a sale, some partners ‘split’ this with their team and create cash back or points-based Delta Media shopping items.

Support and promotions sites

Delta Media business partners uses unique tools and offers to get users to click on their links to buy a Delta Media product, service or merchandise; this benefits the partners, who earns a commission, and the buyer, who gets a promo or update info.


The most successful business partner is the one who promote Delta Media’s products and website by realizing a multiply advertisers marketing strategy.




How does the business partner system works?

Our business partners system, where compensation is based on referral, is called Delta marketing, and this term is used to describe our type of marketing in an online platform environment when its about rewarding the business partners for its affort in many ways.

For the Delta Media Online Platform we are using the basic Delta marketing principal to reward our business partners to promote and represent the Delta Media Platform locally in each country and receive in return an agreed reward for all their work, communication, activity and energy.

In this chapter, we will show potential business partners:

• Which crucial elements is needed for a successful online media strategy.
• How to set up and run your own local Delta Media marketing programme.
• Which online website, concepts, tools and resources you will receive to brand  Kamaliyathe Delta media Platform

What are the required requirements of the Delta Media global marketing for a business partner:

For the Delta Media Online Platform, the Delta Marketing Management is looking for passionate individuals or entrepreneurs searching for a new challenge and business opportunity in the field of online marketing and promotion as our business partner, representing Delta Media Online Platform in your own country.

Delta Media business partners are responsible for taking initiative and ownership in managing Customer/fan Relationships, providing Professional online Support and Promotion, and exploring new online Business Opportunities, to strategically increase and diversify Delta media Platform presence on the Internet in a digital online business environment.

Delta Media business partners must have eventually an in-depth knowledge of marketing, online promotion, social media services, online sale, e-commerce and product activities

The candidate will create, promote and develop new online business & promotion activities and opportunities within dedicated regions in their own country;

Promoting existing Delta media information sites, webshop modules, content and posts;

Actively in contact and manage potential fans and visitors, consumers as well as existing clients/partners;

Identify product popularity level and business market growth, diversification and Delta Media brand building across the Internet;

Interact daily/weekly or monthly with the Delta Media Marketing Management especially with the marketing division to follow-up with ongoing platform requirements;

Travel to visit advertisers, sponsors, corporate sites, tv, radio, newspaper firms, events, conferences and shows,  and more.



The required requirements of the business partners

The partner activities of Delta Media marketing is a simple process:

  1. Business partners refers potential customers to our Delta Media’s website or other related corporate sites destination (like Facebook/Youtube).

2. Business partners will created their own National Delta Media social media & community environment. (facebook, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn)

3. Business partners executes and delivers promotion activities and National promotion to the Delta Media project. (online & offline)

4. Business partners executes, attrack and delivers potential visitors, consumers, new fans, buyers and advertisers/sponsor to the local Delta Media Platfom & site.

5. Advanced level of English, both speaking and writing(to communicate with the team), the national language  is the second requirement (advanced level).

6. Minimum educational level

7. Online commercial, marketing & promotional experience or preparing to learn

8. High interpersonal and communicational skills

9. Being able to work independent and no 9 to 5 mentality

10. Team player in an international online business environment

11. Strong online commercial awareness; committed, transparent and loyal personality

12. Experience with online work and activities.

13. Personal one-time deposit

14. Be in possession of the following products, computer, or laptop, Internet, workplace, transport, emailaddress and a phone number

The Delta Media National marketing process

There are many different ways in which an business partner might market the Delta Media Platform; there are many different actions that can be realized; and, most importantly, there needs to be supported to keep track of the Delta Media marketing process.

Action and reward

The Delta Media marketing strategy will be used to promote the Delta Media Platform and any Delta Media website, webshop, post, photo, video, content or information item. Different types of activities will have different required actions.

The Delta Media marketing strategy is designed and will be used for the Delta Media websites, but it doesn’t have to be limited to this. It also can be used for all Delta media social media activities and environments, it may be worth considering engaging all of them. In the Delta media partnership agreement the partners receives on a short & long term several rewards for its activities.

Online Tracking

The key to Delta Media business partner:

Specialised D.M..M.M. tracking software is used to track all Delta media’s campaigns, and will be supplied and supported by the Delta Media Marketing Management. The business partner can also use their own tracking software, which synchronizes with ours to make sure that there are no major discrepancies.

Each national Delta Media site send traffic to the official Delta Media Platform & Head site through links, likes, or URLs, and the tracking software allows each business partner to have a unique identifier in the URL. These links set a cookie on the customer’s computer, which allows the software to track the sale.


Here some of Delta Media Marketing Management

• The Delta Media Community Network & Delta Media Global Web Platform
• The ID of the Delta Media Business Partner
• The ID of the National Delta Media website & webshop
• The ID of the post, comment, information
• The Delta Media News site & press launch
• The destination of the activity or action

When the customer completes the required action on the Delta Media’s website, the cookie will allow the tracking software to collect the information needed to award the commisson to promoot a Delta Media product, information item, post, video, photo or link from the Delta Media site, the following information would be collected:

• Referring URL and link
• Total sale amount for commission
• Date and time of post, action or sale

• Unique order number & date of post, action or sale

All this information will allow the D.M.M.M. to confirm that the action, activity or sale is valid, as well as the update and post that is due, without ever losing any of the Kbusiness partner personal information ID and local Delta Media site.

D.M.M.M. (Delta Media Marketing Management) upgrade, post, SEO and tracking software collects information even if no action is completed. This is vital to the business partner and to D.M.M.M. to see where they can optimise their campaign.

Information collected includes:
• Impressions, quality, look & field
• Clicks, likes, comments, posts, thumb up/down
• Conversions

All this information, online structure and system helps to build up data in order to strengthen all Delta Media campaigns in the future.

With this registration candidates can upload their CV and apply to the Delta Media partnership and you will receive more details about the partnership, rewards and  the personal one-time deposit.

Your details will be automatically uploaded in our database and will be accessible throughout the Delta Media Marketing Management.