to position & brand our unique online promotion, information, communication service platform, worldwide effectively in the niche business market.

The Delta Media Online Service Platform is a unique source of micro outsourced services on the Internet suitable for luxury, real estate, leisure, cars, yachts, watches, fashion, jewelry, financial, social media, music, media, sport, hotel, shoppingmall, newspaper or any products, persons or companies wishing to promoot, brand or to increase the profile, product of their web presence.

To brand the platform Delta is using a unique online strategy, web platform, Crossmedia & Newmedia structure, techniques and tools.



Delta Media newest mission is to roll out and brand a unique online micro outsourced services concept The Delta Media Online Service Platform boosting attractiveness as a subject for targeted the need of promotion, marketing with more reach & value to all kinds of products and the business industry all over the world. And contribute agains the global recession and help the global business & industry economies grow again.




The Delta Media Platform Concept Strategy will deploy a unique online luxury, real estate, leisure, cars, yachts, watches, fashion, jewelry, financial, social media, music, media, sport, newspaper, casino and information platform. Delta Media will managed and organized the online media concept, structure and systems to launch, brand, inform and promoot the Delta Media Platform Project




We at Delta-Media had to cover a lot of ground, starting from zero with the Delta Media Online Service Concept, but rapidly will progress up to be sure that we never lost our focus.

Work and concentration to realize A global promotion strategy, a unique web structure and even touching into the advanced.

At the same time we wanted to create a lot of confidence, to all the entrepreneurs, managers and business organizations worldwide.



Our online promotion working processin 3 steps

We want to do business with the right person(s), product(s), project(s) or firms in world !

Not just because they are nice people but because it will help us to realize and launch the Delta Media Online Service Platform. And give in return back what he/her and their company aim to achieve.

The more we can help, teach and deliver them our unique online services, marketing & technical tools, the better for us to determine which tools and methods are most fitting

To ensure the optimal result, we research the company’s environment as well as our client’s and his objectives.



Planning & Strategy

This is where our company starts after finishing building the Delta Media Online Service Platform structure, concept, business plans, realisation plans and strategy.

Using what we have learned about our experience and projects, we start making the necessary preparations to execute our Delta Media plan of action.

We research into the global market, look at competing businesses, and set a schedule to meet planned deadlines.

We will use everything and do anything to succeed and must be updated on each step of the marketing process.



Design & Development

The last 4 years the Delta Media web design team moved on to the finishing phase of the websites creation and construction process.

Here Delta-Media worked with the best web designers team as we take all the ideas discussed in the initial meetings and formulate them into a custom unique online service platform.

Each member of the Delta Media team did keep a record of their realisation progress and work done to keep the management aware of the Delta Media Online Service Platform and the online concept project status.



Start & Launch

As the Delta Media Online Service Platform and the launch project nears its finsih, we have been sending mock-ups and drafts for markup and approval to our design partners.

This was a crucial step where both parties had to fully participate in order to accomplish the intended goal. In the future we want our partners to be 100% satisfied with the end marketing product and can only achieve that with their help.

Our partners must let the Delta team know of any project changes or problems so that we can solve them before the online marketing project’s implementation.