Vison & Mission


The Delta Media Online Platform is created for multinationals & businesses all over the World to show and inform them the different aspects of the Delta Media Marketing Concept.

We created several marketing models and business plans and platforms and as such, this is only some possible strategies to use for business partners in 2018.

Marketing Management

Delta Media has create this business plan which best reflects products, firms and their online activities, promotion, marketing and PR which is now our priority, all of the publicity, promotion and marketing that we will do to make our platform successful in the global business industry on a higher level, worldwide and nationwide for a new and larger customer.


Online Social Media

It is not a surprise that a huge chunk of services described in the Delta Media Platform Concept involve LinkedIn or Twitter posts, Facebook promotions, Youtube, Instagram, Viral, Vlogs and Google Plus promotions.

Firms are desperate to get traffic to their websites and they all want promotion to achieve traffic to their web pages.

We brand the Delta Media Platform project by using SEO technology at our unique Delta Media Online Structure worldwide.

Delta Media has the best intentions to realize the Delta Media business plan which best reflects our corporate online activities.



Delta Media Project Research

We use Google & other search engines for all our research projects. All research is tightly focused in a very short period of time. Online marketing, promotion and publicity are now our priority, through the inexhaustible and perseverance of implementing pr, promotion and marketing strategy.

A new and a larger customer.

We give firms and multinationals the success of the global business industry by working on a higher level worldwide ancustomerd nationally for a new and a larger customer.

The Delta Media business plan

The Delta Media business plan outlines our professional goals, how Delta Media Marketing Management will achieve those goals

and the resources that we have and need to get in order to achieve those goals.



Delta Media New Future

The business plan takes Delta Media from the “idea & current stage” to a new future “online action & relization stage”. Realistic plan with realistic goals

At the very basic level, the Delta Media business plan will allows everybody to focus our thinking, set a realistic plan with realistic goals, and get us moving forward.

Delta Media business partners

The Delta Media business plan can be used to bring in business partners whom we would like to have as a part of our management team. These key players might include prospective business managers, consumers or firms.

To achieve our goals

The Delta Media business plan shows these people that we have thought about online marketing in the future, planned how we want to achieve our goals and treat online promotion seriously.